Saturday, July 11, 2015

Community Development Priorities for Your Family Business

If the strategic plan for growing your family business does not include community development, then it's mediocre at best. At your finger tips lies the power to create better communities. It's the gift inherent in building any solid family business. You have to decide what it is you want. What changes do you want to see? Can you visualize what a great community would like, and the priorities that your family needs to set to get there? When you operate your family business with the goal of using a portion of your profits to love others, meet needs and alleviate suffering, you open yourself up to be more creative, energetic, and successful.
How Do You Choose Priorities?

The longer you remain in family business, the more you'll be approached by individuals and groups for money or to help solve problems. It's the reason why some entrepreneurs enter the political arena. They believe that they can help in a greater way by getting elected. One strategy is to help whomever asks. The risk is that you may not make a sizable impact in the community. Another strategy is to pour your time, energy and earnings into one or a few priorities to impact more lives. The risk is that you may not see immediate results, and you're sure to encounter more obstacles in the process. How do you decide on your priorities? Look at your family. Who are you? What's your story? Hidden in your family identity are clues to the problems you were created to solve for others. For example, my community development priorities have a central theme of eradicating poverty. Overcoming poverty and its effects is deeply woven into my family story. It's natural for me to become energized and enthusiastic about causes to stomp it out of my community.
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