Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Make Entrepreneurship Education Your Summer School

Summertime is perfect for supplementing your children's education with entrepreneurship. Through projects based learning activities, you can teach sales, leadership, communication and emotional intelligence. Whether or not they aspire to become entrepreneurs, these skills will serve them well in life. Here are some ideas for the entire family:

Plan an Event for Charity
The event doesn't have to take place this summer. You can plan it now for the following year. For example, your family might volunteer to plan an annual Gala for your favorite charity. You will learn about event planning, social media, publicity, how to write letters and announcements, cold calling, sales scripts and more. Assign small tasks for your children to complete independently. Allow them to work alongside you to complete larger projects. The key to successful entrepreneurship education is to take the time to explain what, how and why you're completing tasks. Make sure they take notes. Encourage and reward them for asking great questions.

Give a Speech
Find opportunities to do more public speaking this summer. Think about your civic, church, community or social groups. Can your teen present a short presentation about the economic needs of a country that your church sends missionaries to? Can your pre-teen give a short talk about how much an after school program has impacted their life? You may have to get creative and make opportunities for your children that don't exist. If you can't find a live audience, have your children present on video, using a smartphone or video camera.

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