Sunday, September 27, 2015

Aging in Idaho: Seniors Are Heroes in Intergenerational Communities

Marginalizing senior citizens seems to be the norm, but it’s the antithesis of the way I grew up. In Liberia, communities are often led by elders. Many immigrants and Americans whose parents and grandparents grew up in different countries share a similar experience. Around the world, becoming an elder elevates your status in community, not the other way around. It’s great to see the various socioeconomic models in this country that are trying to give senior adults opportunities to become positive solutions for pressing social problems. An intergenerational community is one of them.
Intentional intergenerational community is a model for real estate development that exists to provide support to vulnerable individuals and families. These designed communities make senior housing affordable in exchange for senior adults giving their time and experience to help foster families, single moms and wounded veterans. Generations of Hope Development Corporation (GHDC) is a leader in this arena. It’s a non-profit real estate development that brings together strategic partners, including architects, social entrepreneurs and developers to establish its model of community across the country.
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