Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aging in Idaho: Life Lessons for Graduates

In his book, “30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans,” Dr. Karl Pillemer compiled advice from more than 1,500 senior citizens on work and relationships. With all the recent graduations, this might be a good time to discuss life lessons with your loved ones. Whether the young people in your life are starting a new job, moving abroad, launching a business or going to college, the following lessons from Dr. Pillemer’s book are worth reviewing.

Seniors advised, “Don’t choose a career just because it pays well.” Some graduates waste time and money living out everyone else’s dream but their own. They feel pressured to choose professions that don’t align with who they are or what they want. I experienced this as a first generation college graduate in the United States. As a Liberian immigrant, I felt pressured to become America’s best: a doctor. I had three majors at Brown University, one of which was pre-med, and got accepted to Duke University Medical School. Becoming a doctor was never my passion. I felt that it was my obligation to my family and other Liberians who weren’t as fortunate. I wasted years and incurred debt pursuing other people’s version of my American Dream. Don’t do that to the ones you loved. Help them make choices that are true to who they are and who they are called to be. Don’t make it all about money or prestige.
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