Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Win by Telling Stories

I live in many worlds as an entrepreneur, family business owner, board member and community developer. Each of these worlds has its own battles and opponents, and everyone wants to have their ideas and philosophies dominate. I've studied entrepreneurs who engage in the art of war to see how they win. One simple strategy they use is to tell simple and strategic stories. If you listen to them in interviews, or watch their marketing and sales approach, you'll soon catch on to three or four core stories that they share with everyone, everywhere. Hidden within those stories is a subtle, yet powerful message: "I see you. I hear you. You can trust me. Let's join forces." Whether you want to grow your network, increase sales or raise more money for your cause, you can do the same. Here's how:
I See You
People want to see parts of themselves in you. Why do some millionaires wear t-shirts, "cheap" suits, store department outfits, and jeans to events? It's strategic. They want you to see yourself in them. They want to visually tell the story that they are like you. If you are like them, then you know them. You like them. You can trust them. The result is, you will do business with them. After all, they are just like you. Beyond the visual appearance which is part of the storytelling, are the actual stories they share. You may not hear stories about expensive vacations, large trust accounts, and million dollar deals done on napkins. You will hear stories of rejection, adversity, and difficult relationships leading up to final success. Why? These stories say, "I see you!" Your customers, clients and followers want to know that you have been where they are. You relate to them, or at least understand what they need and want. Develop and rehearse one or two stories from your past that your audience can relate to. Sharing the truth about your journey does not have to be manipulative. It's a gift, and sometimes a very painful gift, you were given to excel in business. Use it.
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