Monday, July 20, 2015

A Family Business Dedicated to Empowering Short Men Towers Over Competitors

Jimmy Au's for Men 5'8" and Under  in Beverly Hills, Calif., is a family business that has served a niche in men's wear for over 50 years. Jimmy Au and his son, Alan, run the business together. I had a great conversation with Alan about his family business, and was surprised to learn that behind the business was a worthy cause.

Jimmy Au grew up in a dirt village in China. His father built a mercantile business, and Jimmy learned from his parents how to build a family business.  When Jimmy came to the United States with a student visa, he worked two jobs in college. He sent most of his earnings back to help his family and only kept what he needed to get by. Alan shared this about his dad, "He started looking into doing clothing and made more money doing custom clothing than his other two jobs."

Jimmy has nine siblings and his family business paid for all of them to come to the United States and to go to school.Jimmy worked with his wife until she eventually transitioned home to become a stay-at-home mom. Alan is Jimmy's first born and was exposed to the growth of business more  than his siblings. "I don't think I was shown any other way. I grew up in the business. I was literally in the playpen in the tailor shop," recalls Alan. When he was a tween he did odd jobs , such as helping with customers and inventory. He started doing sales by the time he was 15. His other siblings are not interested in the business.

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