Monday, July 13, 2015

Improving Where They Live Seems to Come Naturally to Family Businesses

The impact that many family business owners make in communities deserves our attention and gratitude this Thanksgiving. It takes courage, resources and strength to build a business, work together without killing each other, create jobs and give back.

Running a family business afforded me the time to propose (and it was unanimously passed) the first Seniors Advisory Committee for the city of Twin Falls, Idaho. Senior adults in our community can now make recommendations to our City Council to improve the quality of life for older adults. Here are other examples to motivate all of us to do more:

Bill Keith and eight of his siblings operate Perfect Bar in San Diego, Calif., and are on a mission to build healthy communities from the inside out. In tribute to their late father, the Keith family recently teamed up with the Skin Cancer Foundation to help raise awareness for skin cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Keith says, "My company’s continued effort to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with purposeful community-driven outreach programs has helped foster a culture that empowers employees to give back." Bill encourages employees to bring fresh ideas and new causes to the leadership team.

Gerardo Cea is the founder of Café Prima Pasta, a family owned and operated restaurant in Miami Beach. "When Café Prima Pasta opened in 1993, no one wanted to spend time on 71st Street. It was dark, dirty and deserted, and the only appeal was a movie theater," Cea recalls. His first initiative was to petition to install street lights, so people would feel safer at night. After six months, North Miami Beach appointed Cea to its development board of directors. Cea was able to help make improvements to the community as a result.

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