Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Are You Providing Entrepreneur Education for Your Kids?


Entrepreneurship education will set your children apart in life and in business. Academics has its place, but you won't be ready to compete in the marketplace if you put all your eggs in that basket. I homeschool my four children, and entrepreneurship is top priority. When done right, all of the other subjects are a natural fit. As part of  my life's work in this area of family business, I am going to produce and model project-based entrepreneurship education for families who want to create wealth and build legacy. All of the life, leadership, business and community building skills that your kids will learn can prepare them for any future they desire. Whether they want to attend or graduate from an Ivy League Institution like I did, or pioneer a new industry, entrepreneurship education is sure to propel your kids to top in their communities and field.

Whether you're a homeschooling parent or your kids attend public, private or a charter school, you should make it your top priority to supplement your child's studies with entrepreneurship education. Here's why:
  • They will learn to become great leaders
  • They can generate income for themselves 
  • They can learn cash flow management which is key to running a family business
  • They gain experience managing others
  • They practice creativity and innovation in a real setting
  • They may fail...and that's critical to future success
  • They become effective communicators 
  • They will increase their emotional intelligence and understand relationships
It's never too young to start. I homeschool my three year old and she is has small entrepreneurship projects that she works on throughout the week. My approach to entrepreneurship education is family based, and family integrated. I develop learning projects that all of us participate in. I want to model life long learning and leadership development. 

I'll share projects in upcoming posts which I hope will be helpful to you and your families.

What do you think about entrepreneurship education for your children?

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