Tuesday, December 23, 2014

500 Words Mindset Project - Trustor

Here are my answers (Don't peek until you complete yours with your family!):

Definition (from a legal article I wrote a few years back)A trustor, also called a "grantor," "settler," or "creator," is the person who creates a trust. This person grants real property, personal property, money, and gifts to the beneficiaries in the trust. 

Example: Eli ... Hannah entrusted her son, her most precious treasure, to Eli to care for and maintain until he grew up to become a power prophet. If you're not familiar with the story, watch this:

List action steps/projects:
  1. Find a trustor for our family, with global offices because we're building an international company.   
  2. Sabya (15) : Learn to save, care for and maintain two gold coins. 
  3. Samuel (7):  Learn to save, care for and maintain items in our family time capsule (will share this project soon.)
  4. Grace  (3):  Help mom grow plants from seeds. 
  5. James (4):   Help mom grow plants from seeds. 

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