Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Aging: Entrepreneurship or Retirement?

Did you know that some major corporations, including McDonald’s, were founded by adults over age 50? Individuals age 50 and older are developing new business ideas to supplement their income, explore their passions or to transfer wealth to the next generation. Your idea may be the next great success story.

If you were to ask me to describe myself using one word, it would be” entrepreneur.”
Who is an entrepreneur? According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “Entrepreneurs are focused on building and growing an enterprise, whether it’s a brand-new business or transforming an existing company through innovation and making the most of opportunities hidden to others.”

You know you’re an entrepreneur when you have a steady stream of ideas as solutions to problems. You wonder why others in your workplace, social circle, church, or community group can’t fix problems with solutions that are so easy to see. You tried different ways to make money when you were younger. You secretly dream of making your own money now, alone or with your family. You take opportunities to lead, either as the person upfront or quietly through influence. You feel as though something is missing, and you are drawn towards other entrepreneurs.
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