Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 1 ... The Dream of Breaking into TV

"That girl is always talking about becoming a television producer." That is pretty much what my law school classmates remember about me. I have had great adventures in law, from clerking for a State Supreme Court Justice, to working as a prosecutor, to doing a stint as an associate for a large Boston law firm, to working in a free legal clinic for immigrants. I did what I thought I had to do to honor my family and others who provided an opportunity to come to America. Even as a student at Brown, my happiest moments were running WBRU and hosting radio programs and concerts, and interacting with musicians and celebrities. Becoming a lawyer is a golden status for immigrants, and I was sure that I did everyone proud. None of it was for me. I would spend many years repaying a debt that I thought I owed to those I left behind in a war torn country...Liberia.

Then I woke up...

I have decided to be and do exactly what I have always known. I was created to serve humanity by helping in the fight against poverty. My avenue of service includes television production, philanthropy and advocacy. I have created 4 unscripted television shows, and I am pitching them to  networks, studios and production companies.

But I live in Twin Falls, Idaho...

Remember when I said, "I woke up." I no longer live in fear. Now anyone who knows me understands that it's really strange to have Daphne and fear in the same sentence. I have to admit though, I have lived in fear. I have feared "being an outsider to Hollywood", "not having an agent," "not having connections" "living in a rural community, seemingly far removed from where one should be if they want to pursue television." I have had a scarcity mindset...until now.

This post is to encourage you and I, who have dreams of serving through television, to hold fast to the dream and go forward. It is to encourage those of you who have "made it" to spread love, seek collaboration, mentor, be proactive about giving others access.

I will keep a journal on this blog about my journey into television, in written, audio and video formats. My dream is to help make your dreams come true. 

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