Friday, August 21, 2015

Daphne Mallory interview with Dr.Jo Anne


Daphne Mallory, Esq. is an Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor, media personality, & international speaker and trainer on Family Business and Real Community Development. She blogs on family business and entrepreneurship education. Billboard Magazine described Daphne as “Engaging Fans… Forging a New Path.” Her work & life have been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, The Dr. Oz Show, Self Magazine, Woman’s Day, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise & more. Daphne is the talk show host & producer of Family Business with Daphne. She’s also appeared as a guest expert on other television & radio programs, and has written 1,000+ articles for national and web publications.

Daphne is originally from Liberia, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Her father was sent to Oxford University by his company which paved the way for her to attend school in London. She learned to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills to survive in three different countries: Liberia, England and the United States. Daphne is passionate about training low-income families, older adults, individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, refugees, and other “invisible” members of communities in leadership and business skills.
To listen to the full interview CLICK HERE

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