Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family Business Account from The Bible: Adam and Eve

It's easy to forget that this couple was once a great husband and wife team doing business together. They were stewards of God's garden. Before Adam and Eve sinned against God, they RULED. They took dominion over their surroundings. In today's business terms, they dominated their niche.

I've come to realize that before anything else in business, I'm a professional salesperson. I need to sell ideas first, services second, products third. I will do my family, my clients and my community a disservice if I don't strive daily to dominate my niche. Selling allows me to serve and when I dominate my niche, I can cultivate it with the thoughts, ideas, services and products that can best serve and elevate those within.

What about you? What niche are you called to dominate?

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