Thursday, January 8, 2015

500 Words Mindset Project - Convergence

Here are my answers (Don't peek until you complete yours with your family!):

Definition:The act or process of converging; the tendency to meet in one point.

Example: Day of Pentacost....

Watch this video to learn:

  1. Evaluate 2014 activities that are not in alignment with where I'm headed and delete, modify or continue as is. 
  2. Sabya (15) : Enroll her in music composition and a film-making course to align her talents with the entrepreneurship skills, she's learning at home.
  3. Samuel (7): Enroll Samuel in Robotics club...continue to build his talent.
  4. Grace  (3):  Assign Grace simple photography projects with the phone...continue to build her talent 
  5. James (4): Find a cheap DJ mixing board for James...continue to build his talent  

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