Saturday, January 3, 2015

Entrepreneurship Education Project: Organize a Family Meeting

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Organizing, preparing for and running meetings is a way of life for entrepreneurs. You run meetings in your business and in your community. Why not run them in your home? It's one of the best tools to achieve work-life balance, strengthen communications, and lead your family to become productive and high performers. Of course, as a family business owner, you should organize family meetings to keep on track, solve problems, address personal issues and more.

Teaching your children and yourself how to run effective family meetings is key to entrepreneurship education and leadership development. It's a skill you must learn. You will always use it.

Download the family meeting agenda for this project: PDF and Word.

Here are some family meeting videos to review. Some are just for fun. It's up to you decide which style you prefer, what doesn't look or feel right, and more. Remember to keep this assignment FUN for younger family members:

1. Meeting #1:
2. Meeting #2:
3. Meeting #3:

3. Meeting #4:

Share your family meeting video, agenda, questions or comments.

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