Saturday, February 14, 2015

Entrepreneurship Education Project: Create a Project Template

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The details of this project are below.  If you're already a Training Rewards Member, I list a  video course on excel to help you create your excel template (over 2700 on demand courses) below.

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Additional resource for this project:

Create a Project Template:

The benefits of this project are:
  •  Increase your excel and spreadsheet skills so that you can create and manage any project. As an entrepreneur, you MUST learn how to manage projects. The name of the game is to get work done through others. You do that through projects!
  • Develop project management skills.
You can modify this template or create one from scratch. (Yours DOES NOT have to be as detailed as the example shown in the link.)


For Training Reward Members: (This video includes written coursework too!)

Excel® 2010 - Intro

Additional Video Resource:


Beginners - Intermediate:

Products: (Choose one)
  • Create a Project Template in Google Spreadsheet or Excel for your family business
  • Create a Project Template in Google Spreadsheet or Excel for learning a new skill.
Share parts of your project below. I'll be happy to answer the questions that you leave in the comments.  

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