Saturday, February 7, 2015

Entrepreneurship Education Project: Understand Non-Verbal Communication

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The details of this project are below.  If you're already a Training Rewards Member, I list a few video courses on non-verbal communication from the library (over 2700 on demand courses) below.

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Understand Non-Verbal Communication Details:

The benefits of this project are two fold:
  •  Develop emotional intelligence by learning how to read and interpret non-verbal communication (which is 55% of all communication)
  •  Learn how to get work done through others, by understanding non-verbal communication
Here are some video, audio and readings to help each family member prepare to understand non-verbal communication.


For Training Reward Members: (This video includes written coursework too!)

Additional Video Resource:


Beginners - Intermediate:

Products: (Choose one)
  • Create a video showing non-verbal communication
  • Write a report about non-verbal communication
  • Create an audio product explaining non-verbal communication
Share parts of your project below. I'll be happy to answer the questions that you leave in the comments.   

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